Jazz Do IT conference
August 16–19
Odesa. Chornomorsk
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Jazz Do IT

A cocktail of informative cases of speakers from all over the world, great music and beach rest!

What is it?

Jazz Do IT is a conference for those who would like to spend their holidays with benefit. The sun, the sea, music and the best speakers from around the world. We will talk about web and mobile development, neural networks, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence

Why will this event be unforgettable?

Our speakers


Dark Side

Light Side

The Dark Side Stage captures purely engineering subjects and issues, those which are linked to the internals of software development: things though hidden from the outsiders but playing the vital role for planning, designing, and building the software; applications development best practices and methodologies; software testing solutions and methods. Dark Side speeches and discussions will address the following important issues:

  • Architectural styles in the software development;
  • Data intelligence and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Proper UI/UX creation;
  • QA and CI processes configuration;
  • Introduction of best programming practices, choice of new programming languages and frameworks for the projects;
  • Microservices and their application in the software development.

These and multiple other topics will be covered by direct participants of the software development process having 10-15 years of the relevant hands-on experience.

Join the Dark Side if you are:

  • Developer ready to get rid of the outdated methods and keep up with the time;
  • Professional who work and/or breathe the IT air like we do;
  • Person who plan to start career in the IT domain.


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koktebel koktebel jazz festival
A unique musical event, organized only once a year! The line-up rhythms will make you crazy! People come to visit us from other cities! But you will have the chance to visit the festival for free...

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is an open event for the venture industry players, which is organized by our partner Startup.Network.

Startup.Network is a professional network, which provides investors with assistance in choosing the best opportunities for investment, and helps the startup entrepreneurs to find private investors (business angels), seed-funds, venture funds etc. and to launch their startup companies.

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Chornomorsk is a small, but developed resort town, which can offer various types of accommodation to its guests – from apartments to the five-star hotels. Up to 12 000 people can easily find a place to stay in Chornomorsk. The average cost of accommodation is 120 UAH per person.


If you choose such type of accommodation as apartment renting, please do all the booking in advance. Remember that the conference will be held in the high season and this type of accommodation is very popular among tourists. Information about the prices can be found on any rental website in Ukraine.

Hotels and mini-hotels

For those who choose more comfortable accommodation, Chornomorsk can offer many hotels and mini-hotels with different options to offer. These are for example Snezhnaya koroleva, Moryak, Eliz, Viro, Pale, Sitsilia, Nika, Akvarius, Elite Tennis Club, Morskoy, Ellada, Travertin, Dom u morya, mini-hotel «Robin Bobin», mini-hotel «Fontan» etc.

Recreation centers

Chornomorsk can offer one more type of accommodation to its guests - recreation centers. This variant is cheaper than hotels or mini-hotels, but good service is guaranteed to all the guests. Among the recreation centers one should pay attention to Druzhba, Delfin, Laguna-Yug, Yubileynaya, Raduzhny, Sokol.


Every year the Koktebel Jazz Festival organizes a tent camp with all the necessary comforts for its guests. Accommodation in the camp is available at an additional cost. You can buy tickets to the tent camp on the official website of the festival http://koktebel.info/new

Our IT-conference is held in cooperation with the popular open-air festival Koktebel Jazz Festival in the recreation center «Chaika» – right on the Black Sea coast in the city of Chornomorsk.

There are a few ways to get to us:

1. From the railway station in Odesa (luggage offices) from 7:30 to 22:30 you can take the bus-taxi № 25. The fare is 17 UAH.

2. Buses № 60 and 70 can take you here from the bus station «Privoz» (Odesa). The fare is 16 UAH.

3. The taxi from the railway station in Odesa will cost around 260 UAH (including the order). Taxi within Chornomorsk will cost around 25 UAH.

The Jazz Do IT conference will be held at the premises of the recreation center «Chaika» (5 Plyazhnaya st.). It will only take two minutes to get from the conference to the Festival beach.

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